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acknowledge that their firms struggle to bridge the gap between strategy formulation and day-to-day implementation.

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more projects meet their goals when Sponsors have advanced knowledge.

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more projects meet their goals when Sponsor takes the right actions.

It's the way we do our work

Business Transformation, whether it’s through merger and acquisition, IT deployment, customer-led, or process excellence, is very complex, disruptive  and carries inherent risk.

Tony Sattout has led numerous  transformations and this valuable experience translates to success in meeting your challenge.

TSC can help you set up for success through planning, establishment of an effective Transformation Office and execution support/leadership. TSC can tailor involvement to your specific needs.

Projects in the boardroom is a 2 hour interactive workshop utilising a case study to  help Directors make sense of transformational initiatives put to them. It is broken down to getting prepared ( be in the right mindset), structured questions to assess the board relevant parts and a framework to more effectively critique management provided information. Download Projects in the Boardroom Flyer

Program Sponsorship is a complex and advanced management skill not a series of tasks encapsulated in a job description. Take advantage of the 70 years of program execution across multiple industries to support your sponsor accountabilities.

This series of workshops is designed to hone the soft skills of project professionals. Each module is standalone or taken as a package. Delivered by experts in the field with more than 65 years experience across multiple industries.

Topics include

  • Advanced Project Leadership ( the magic that makes projects successful)
  • Master Executive Communication
  • PM as Coach (super charge your team)
  • Change Mastery for PM’s (master stakeholder effectiveness)


The TSC approach to project reviews is highly differentiated and proven to be very effective. The fundamental question we address is what action or inaction will make the difference for this project? It is not about the minutia or compliance but the deep insights garnered from participants played back in an empowering way. The discovery and coaching style of TSC brings out the best in people and the opportunities for the project under review.

Sick of the typical post implementation review that is superficial and not reduce the risk of future project failure? TSC has developed an approach incorporating development coaching techniques to tease out the real lessons in a constructive and deep learning environment. Through this approach an appreciation of context is developed. This enables participants to design better projects in the future tailored to the situation at hand.Download Post Implementation Review Flyer
Don’t wait for the project to commence or worse still go off track to address inherent flaws in the project. At TSC we have developed a deeply insightful approach and tools to uncover the real risks to project failure and guide the project team to effective mitigation of those risks. Prevention is always better than cure. Download Project Establishment Review Flyer

Having a thought partner that has no agenda other than ensure you and your projects meet the full potential is critical in this fast moving business world. The very best managers/sponsors routinely seek out the skills to complement their abilities to ensure all needs of the project team are addressed. TSC has decades of experience supporting managers and sponsors to achieve their very best. Our job is to make sure you succeed.

Let  our professional team help design and facilitate your workshop. Allow yourself the freedom to  fully participate in the team experience, to gain  broader and deeper commitment to the workshop outcome.